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acrobat photoshop

Download acrobat photoshop - Adobe Photoshop CS2 update Update file for anyone with Photoshop CS2 9.0, and much more programs.
In Photoshop CS2, there is an included script that allows you to export layer comps to PDF. I don't think it exactly does what you want - PDFs aren't.
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Acrobat photoshop - example

Illustrator will give you a "Save as Adobe PDF" dialog, The most important one, in this case, is a check-box that says Create Acrobat Layers from Top-Level Layers. Creative Cloud Creative Suite. Create, manage, and deliver personalized online experiences. Get it as part of... It can do the same as the other two, but it can also detect the edges of an image once the user selects a starting point. acrobat photoshop