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Macromedia's Authorware enables you to create rich e-learning applications and courseware to be used with LMS systems. This courseware.
第 4 章利用 . 02 制作课件 MacromediaAuthorware 是一个优秀的交互式课件制作工具。它广泛应用于多媒体教学和商业领域,目前大多数多媒体教学.
Adobe Macromedia Authorware - Upgrade CD/DVD Authoring. Create educational applications in a completely visual environment fightthepalinsmears.comre More about Adobe Authorware Adobe Authorware is a software., authorware7. Do you own a new generation CPU? Terms authorware7 Use Privacy Cookies AdChoices. These AGRs specify minimum levels of functionality and interoperability for a wide variety of CBT products. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. And Powerpoint became an interactive whiteboard. authorware7