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I can't find the redact option in Acrobat X Standard to black out confidential information in a pdf.
Redacting in Adobe Acrobat Pro is very simple. The main problem with this method is you need Adobe Acrobat Pro. It is not cheap. You can buy.
Adobe first offered redaction tools starting with Acrobat 8 and redaction capabilities have continued to improve with each new release. redact adobe acrobat

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Redact adobe acrobat I normally work with thousands of PDF documents and I need to highlight all those documents in a certain folder… but… THIS IS IMPORTANT, USING ALL THE WORDS CONTAINED IN A TXT FILE…. JavaScript, actions, and form fields are types of content that are subject to change. To deselect an item marked for redaction. I am still having an issue. Create redaction codes and code.
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Thanks, David Sounds like your document is corrupt. Thanks for the wonderful info. Go to the Actions Exchange on the website to download the free Create Comment Summary Action. Improvements were made in Acrobat X. On the Appearance tab, select options you want to change, and then click OK :.

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Lisa Needham is the Deputy Editor of, the Editor-in-Chief of Bitter Lawyer , teaches legal writing at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, and still believes in the Oxford comma. The selected content is permanently removed when you. I have closed the document and opened it again and continue to get the same results. Remove Hidden Information options. Use the PDF Optimizer. Terms of Use Privacy Policy and Cookies Updated. I know it sounds dumb, but I cannot take it past the Marking process and to finality, which is the redaction.