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Redacting in Adobe Acrobat Pro is very simple. The main problem with this method is you need Adobe Acrobat Pro. It is not cheap. You can buy.
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro allows you to remove/censor selected text and images from This LTS Online Help document explains how to redact selected text or images.
organizations around the world rely on Adobe Acrobat Pro software to safely and permanently remove Adding overlay text and exemption codes to a redaction. Adobe Acrobat Pro Redact Text and change redaction color by Chris Menard

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Hit the DEL key to delete the redaction. A confirmation dialog box appears. I want to automate the removal of the text box, i. The objects can be images composed of pixels , vector graphics composed of paths , gradients, or patterns. When you apply the redaction, the content will be removed. Thanks for the wonderful info. On the Appearance tab, select options you want to change, and then click OK :..

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NOTE: If you do not like the appearance of the reaction marks, you can modify them. Is there something else I need to do for them to show up? You can create an Action to redact a list of words to redact Word List redaction across all the files in the Portfolio. How do I change this so that I can select multiple items to redact with only selection the redact button only once? Create your first redaction area, then right-click and choose Repeat Mark across pages. I marked a document for redaction and forgot to click on apply. redact in adobe acrobat

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Photoshop cs6 zip Post questions and get answers from experts. Acrobat uses overlay text to overprint areas selected for redaction. Redacting Selected Text or Images. Click the text next to a check box to view the occurrence on the page. To apply multiple code entries to a single redaction, right-click a redaction mark and select an option. Auto-Size Text To Fit Redaction Region Resizes custom text to fit within the redacted area.
NEW FLASH VERSION Hold down the CTRL key if you need to select a discontinuous range of comments. That is covered in the Guide. Select the font, size, and text alignment. However, when I execute the function the program redacts the requested material but also the punctuation following the material. Thanks, David Sounds like your document is corrupt. Thanks for the wonderful info. So… does the Autoredacting Features of Adobe Acrobat X support dictionaries?
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ABODE PREMIERE PRO CS4 Click Add Codeand type the text that you want to appear as overlay text in the new adobe software field below the list of code entries, and then click Rename Code, redact in adobe acrobat. However, I cannot get the Selected Text to delete! It really only takes a few clicks. Is there something else I need to do for them to show up? This item includes all comments that were added to the PDF using the comment and markup tool, including files attached as comments.
For a full list of articles about security, see Overview of security in Acrobat DC and PDFs. Highlight the text or images that you wish to redact by holding down your Ctrl key and dragging the cursor. Yes, you can redact using multiple words across many files. Click Remove to delete selected items from the file, and click OK. But, then that also cannot be automated. Download the free Reader.