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Installing, updating, and removing AIR applications. Enterprise Adobe AIR currently does not support GPO or MSI for Adobe AIR or application installation.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Adobe Air appears to be available as MSI file. You must register with Adobe to get the download link. Info.
Is it possible to convet an. air file into an MSI package? or even an.exe? My developers have created this app with Air and would like to roll it  Adobe AIR Installation failure - due to. msi pr |Adobe. Unboxing and Build

Adobe air msi - can purchase

Select your package from the list. Run the AIR installer binary with the -uninstall option. Anyone on here have a working AIR. On the General tab of the Package Properties dialog box you must assign a name to the package. Select the setting "Run with administrative rights" or the installation will fail. SCCM will create your AIR installation package and display the results. Follow these steps to create a new program in SCCM: Note: As indicated in the introductionadobe air msi are required to obtain a redistribution agreement to install and distribute the Adobe AIR runtime in this manner. Then, choose the AIR Installer program. When you click 'Ok', you can review the Windows Bundles details. The application will take a few minutes to complete and will require you to provide general information about your intended use of Adobe AIR. Works every time for me.