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adobe document could not be printed

You have created a PDF file from an Autodesk software product, but when you try to print it from Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, the process fails with the following messages: Damaged installation of Adobe Reader/ Acrobat. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat (or another PDF editing program.
I have the latest version of Adobe etc.I am having trouble printing these papers off message says " document could not be printed,no.
Try to print and this message appears " Document could not be printed ". I have tried saving and reopening in Reader 9.1, also printing to fileĀ  The Document Could not be printed, There were n. adobe document could not be printed

Adobe document could not be printed - additional information

Select Reduced Size PDF. I have the latest version of Adobe etc. Thank you for your help. THE FILE PRINTED AS EXPECTED! Skip to main content. Another thing for you to do is check to make sure your printer drivers are up to date as well as that is a common problem with new software and printers not being compatible with them. Robert Gale This has been a problem for years now and usually it is either a bad PDF, printer is not configured correctly or cannot read the request for some reason. This is a workaround and I'd still like to hear from Adobe if you can scan to a pdf, then why can't you print that resulting pdf. I am doing the printer settings as I do on other documents which print OK. This comes up every now and then and has something to do with content in the pdf file. Alls seems to be OK. Open Acrobat and print. Same problem, and despite the misleading error message it does seem to be related to the network printer connection.