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adobe go get activated

The installer told me to go to http://www. adobe.com/ go / getactivated But, now beacuse you do not have Internet Access, you'll get this error. Lightroom 6 | Adobe Community.
The solutions in the following document resolve most activation issues have an Internet connection must use the Offline Activation process to Switch to an online computer and navigate to www. adobe.com/ go / getactivated.
Find out how to activate (or sign in to) and deactivate (or sign out of) (If this option is dimmed, you have already activated your software.). How to activate the read out loud function and change the reader's voice in Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 adobe go get activated Other codes—such as a numeric UPC code on your insert, card, or email—are not your redemption code. If your redemption code instructions show fightthepalinsmears.com educardrather than fightthepalinsmears.com redeemsee Serial numbers, redemption codes, adobe go get activated, remote sites product codes Student and Teacher editions. Make sure you are connected to the Internet when you try to sign out. They will not accept either my Request Code, or the Serial number they won't say which. Write down the request code.