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Primetime Multi-DRM Technologies - Adobe Primetime DRM, powered by ExpressPlay is Adobe's hosted Multi-DRM solution that supports Apple FairPlay.
Unified Origin - DRM for HDS. As no KID is used in Adobe Primetime DRM, this can be left empty. The CEK is a (random) 128 bit value and must be coded in.
Next, check the list of supported target platforms and the means to support each platform. For example, on computers, Adobe Primetime relies on Flash Player.

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Europe, Middle East and Africa.. Bind content to a domain of devices all sharing a license under your business rules. Find out how Adobe can help you and your business. To find out more and change your cookie settings, please. Understand the numbers and trends behind the growth of online video viewing in our latest Adobe Digital Index report. Guard against consumer recordings.

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Adobe indesign trial Reach the widest audience possible by delivering protected content to desktops, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, and game consoles. Learn more about the companies mentioned in this article in the Sourcebook:. All other DRM solutions on top of Flash are either not secure, or require an additional download. The Adobe Primetime DRM specific data. Adobe primetime drm large subscriber bases and linear programming at scale, where potentially millions of licenses must be served. Adobe Primetime content packaging SDKs enable protocols such as RTMP, HTTP Dynamic Streaming HDSHTTP Live Streaming HLS and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP MPEG-DASH.
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