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do you need adobe air

My PC has a pop up advising me to update Adobe AIR. I am wondering what it is for, if I need it for Photoshop CS5 or Adobe reader or Adobe flash for. If you uninstall it, you should get a dialog with a complete list of appsĀ  Help to uninstall Adobe air and other adobe pro |Adobe.
I know that I need Flash, but can I do without the other two? found info on adobe - air so if you read through that.
Thank you. It appears then that it is safe to remove Adobe Air and Reader. You have given me the answers that I need although I still have.

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Best adobe program for video editing Learn more about Adobe Systems Incorporated. Search this forum only. Tanzania, United Republic of. I have had a number of problems with Abode Air, but apparently some programmes will not run without it, or at least that is what some pop-up messages seem to constantly remind me. I had forgotten all about msconfig. You may also be interested in:. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

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The Shockwave Player can be safely deleted, then downloaded and installed if you find a website that needs it. Holy See Vatican City State. View the Adobe AIR licensing options for more information. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please read the software license greement. I don't believe that Acrobat Reader is installing it anymore, but Adobe AIR. do you need adobe air