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printing from adobe digital editions

Adobe Digital Editions supports printing (unless disallowed by the document itself). However, vector printing is not supported — instead, pages.
I purchased a workbook in pdf. Turned out I needed to download Adobe Digital Editions to read this book. Now I cannot print pages as the print   Printing Issue re ePub book | Adobe Community.
Read your blog - wondering if you have any opinions on Adobe Digital Editions. I' m obliged to sell an e-book on a store on behalf of a. printing from adobe digital editions
It does not work, Do you think your software version right now is useless with the latest version of DRM in Adobe? Hi Frustrated, Went searching the internet which led me to a solution that works for me. I had assumed that everyone knew about that one already. You can not post a blank message. That part bothers me - because the DCMA made allowances for textbooks. Also, for documents that contain SWF movie clips, only the initial frame of the movie prints, and it does not reflect any interactive changes you made in the movie clip inside Adobe Digital Editions. But it worked perfectly on my files. Adobe Digital Editions - reading a PDF file