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As mentioned, no, but a script can be used to convert (and apply) regular comments (like highlights) into Redactions. In fact, I've developed just such a script and.
How to use the redaction tool in Adobe Acrobat? This guide will show you the steps for performing PDF redaction in Adobe Acrobat.
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro allows you to remove/censor selected text and images of text or images from your PDF document, the Mark for Redaction tool is used. redaction tool adobe Move the slider to adjust the opacity of the color. Font Size Displays custom text in the selected point size, redaction tool adobe. Type each word in the New Word Or Phrase text field and click Add. The selected content is permanently removed when you. Bookmarks are links with representational text that open specific pages in the PDF. To select images for redaction. Repeat the previous step to add another code entry to.

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ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE STUDENT To apply the same code to multiple redactions, set the redaction properties before you mark the content. Adobe X Standard does not have a redaction tool, but here's a workaround, redaction tool adobe. Font Color Displays custom text in the selected color, which you can change by clicking the color swatch. Finding The Right Lawyer. Repeat Overlay Text Fills the redacted area with as many instances of the custom text as needed, without changing the font size. To mark none of the occurrences, close the Search dialog box or click New Search to start over.
ADOBE ACROBAT 11.0 I know downkloads you're thinking: Someone else can use Acrobat to "un-redact" it by changing the colors, redaction tool adobe, but we're not done! Terms of Use Privacy Policy and Cookies Contact Us. If you want to search for and remove hidden information in the document by using the Remove Hidden Information feature, click Yes. Then click Export Setspecify a filename and location, and click Save. Find an Adobe Certified Expert.
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Review your final redactions. Fee Dispute Resolution Home. Click on the desired item. If items are found, they are listed in the Remove Hidden Information panel with a selected check box beside each item. New Lawyer Mentoring Program Home.