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what is adobe scout

In this first video, we discover how to get started with Adobe Scout. This video covers the following topics: How.
The Adobe ® Scout mobile app is for developers using Scout, the new profiler and analysis tool from Adobe. Install Scout on your desktop, then.
Adobe Scout is a visual profiler for Adobe Flash content running on desktop or mobile platforms, and works together with Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. License ‎: ‎ Freeware.

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This feature gathers detailed information about the internals of the Flash runtime, as well as the ActionScript code that it executes, and sends it all to Scout. With Adobe Scout, at any moment, we can track the performance and make the fix early on—saving time and getting our games to market faster. Adobe Scout Companion app for iOS. Keyboard Are there any keyboard events dispatched? It shows you the AGAL code for the vertex and fragment programs executed by that draw call. what is adobe scout What is adobe scout desktop machine is running the content with Flash Playerwith another computer running Scout. You can see the number of draw calls for each scene and a breakdown of resource memory, which is usually dominated by the textures that you upload. For the complete experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Install Scout on your desktop, then run this app to profile your iOS apps. Now try to do the same from your device. Note that some features of Scout will only work if you enable collection of the relevant data. This is a hint that you might want to investigate what the code was doing, and try to optimize it.