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download air sdk

Building and Installing. npm install air - sdk. npm install -g air - sdk #installing globally. Download the source and run the tests. npm install. npm test.
Find links to archived versions of Adobe AIR SDK runtime, SDK, and compiler. Test applications with different versions of Adobe AIR.
Download Adobe AIR SDK (Freeware). Adobe AIR SDK provides the tools you need to package and deploy Adobe AIR applications, if you. You can register a callback to be notified of tracker attribution changes. Don't ignore GPS ANE. To comply with Apple updated guidelines, only user data can be backed up on premier pro demo. Meaning that, when adding a partner parameter to an event with the same key to one added from the session, the value that prevails is the partner parameter added to the event, download air sdk. If you can see Chartboost test interstitials where you've called for them in your code, you're good to go! If you intend to use this module after it is installed, almost all of the Flex. Suppose you want to track every tap on a button. Crear Apps paso a paso con Starling y Flash Builder download air sdk