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Forum discussion: Everyone, Did not see this posted, so I figured I would pass this along. We all know the page to go and check for Adobe.
I'm pretty sure they are just moving the site to a different URL. I re-requested a valid license for download/install and the URL changed to one.
Both Adobe Flash Player Distribution page and Adobe Flash Player direct download links will be decommissioned by January 22, says. flash distribution

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Flash distribution 854
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Flash distribution Flashplayer updates
ADOBE ACROBAT FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS Pale Moon has an SH installer that will update Pale Moon on demand - you can see all the code in Terminal. Many months ago when Adobe made it so we had to apply for access to a website to download full Flash Player install packages to redistribute to our users, I applied and got approved and I've been using the URL they sent me flash distribution since. It's really a total mess, flash distribution. P Adobe You Suck! Also, the company has created an updated branch of the Flash Player code with latest security updates.
If I was still a user of Adobe Flash and considering the company's announcement to tighten access to its insane product I guess that would flash distribution the final straw, flash distribution. It's sad how companies don't really care about the little man only their CEO that didn't make enough in the last quarter. I've got the others blocked with a firewall. It was Davesnothere I think who noticed that. So there isn't anything unique