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photography test

Test your photography trivia knowledge and compare yourself to your frirends.
A small screen on the back of a digital camera that allows the user to review photos or take them without looking through the viewfinder.
To walk around looking for a candid subject to shoot refers to __________________. Photo composition refers to the arrangement of elements in a photograph. What composition rule refers to creating a border around a photo by placing objects in the foreground to draw the attention to.

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Photography Techniques — Learn Photography with these Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials! It only has bearing when shooting JPEG. White balance is often ignored by most amateur photographers and just left on automatic. Fisheye lenses take extremely wide hemispherical images, and are often used for panoramic photography or to make sport photography more interesting, for example skateboarding. Often RAW is a very rare mode to get on a compact camera but all SLR's can shoot it. When taking portraits you might want the background to be out of focus, so you simply select a larger aperture in order to do this. These will often save you countless months working out what each mode does. NIKON D7200 DSLR SAMPLE PICTURES Photography TEST photography test Related Sponsors, adverts photography test affiliate links:. We're going to try and do this on the regular, so definitely leave your feedback on this first version. Photo Taco Show Notes. The part of the camera that indicates the field of view that is seen by the camera lens. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature.