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what is the best version of photoshop

Here is a breakdown of each Photoshop version (CC, Lightroom and Elements), Photoshop Buying Guide: Choose the Best for Your Needs.
And yet, Photoshop is one of the biggest iceberg applications out there: a small percentage of what Photoshop CC 2015 (the latest version) is capable of. sharpen) using visual previews: click the thumbnail that looks best.
some one work done and editing photo in adobe cs 6 but i would like to use adobe can you suggest me about adobe version.

What is the best version of photoshop - wants compete

Affinity Photo's advantage apart from the price is that it's been built from the ground up for the latest computing hardware. Platform: Mac and PC Image-editing: Yes Cataloguing: Yes Raw conversion: Yes Adobe caused a storm when it moved over to a subscription system for its software, and it did initially look like a pretty pricey deal. Cool stuff is also relative. It's handy for organizing and doing quick edits on RAW files.. Also, if you go to professional training resources, they don't cover alternatives if you want to learn new tricks or techniques. You can then fine tune the adjustment, or alternately click Auto to let the application do the correction. It's been extended to include sophisticated raw conversion tools for getting the maximum definition, dynamic range and colour information from your pictures. what is the best version of photoshop